How this Property Developer increased the apartment sales rate by 50%

Porsgrunn Bamble Borgestad Boligbyggelag (PBBL) is one of the leading housing associations and property developers in Norway that continuously offers its members attractive housing projects in the Telemark region. Over 17,000 members have signed up for membership in PBBL to be guaranteed the home they want – when they need it. Under PBBL’s umbrella, over 6,800 homes are managed in more than 300 housing companies spread across 11 municipalities.

In November 2021, PBBL established a partnership with Visuado to deliver 3D virtual tours for its Osebakken Park residential property in Porsgrunn. The Osebakken Park project has launched phase 1 in beginning of 2021, and phase 2 in the middle of 2021, where the two phases contain 47 apartments in total. Up until Nov 2021, only 16 apartments of the 47 were sold, selling at an average rate of 1.6 apartments per month. As an innovative company, PBBL wanted to use QiSpace’s cutting-edge technology to optimize buyer’s purchase experience which in turn would accelerate the sales process.

Osebakken Park PBBL virtual tour

The partnership began with a clear goal to help their potential buyers (virtually) walk around in apartments in its own context (with interior, exterior views) so the purchase decision comes easier, faster, and more fun! Within weeks, Visuado’s technology has recreated a photorealistic interactive 3D virtual tour of 30 apartments.

Based on the BIM model by architectural design, the virtual tours have taken into account not only the floor plan layout but also the actual location and orientation of each apartment. It allows the buyer to navigate and see the exterior view from every window, as well as the interior design inspiration. All the apartments seamlessly integrated with the website and officially launched at the beginning of February/2022.

After only a couple of months, it was evident that this project was generating strong sales outcomes with increased buyer satisfaction for PBBL. From Feb to May-2022, 14 out of the remaining 30 apartments have been sold at an average rate of 2.4 apartments per month.

“Once we started using Visuado, there is no turning back. We are going to use QiSpace in every project"

The successful collaboration led PPBL to use Visuado for their brand-new project Smeitangen


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