Redefining Real Estate Visualizations

Leading AI-powered real estate visualization platform providing superior visual quality in a highly automated, cost effective and scalable way.​

Visuado stands apart from competition in several aspects

  • Superior visual quality
  • Automated, cost-effective, highly scalable
  • Can be used cost effectively by thousands of users on all devices (mobile, desktops, iPads, etc.)
  • No expensive pixel-streaming
  • No server bottlenecks
  • Low bandwidth requirement

Superior Visual Quality – Cutting-Edge Technology:

  • True HDR* View: World-first Visuado HDR format gives unparalleled realism:
    Real-time auto-exposure, 100% browser compatibility, 50x smaller file sizes (dramatically better compression) for real time viewing experience. Low bandwidth requirement ensures fluid user experience.
  • Real3D: Mix of pre-rendered and real-time 3D delivers both image quality and interactivity using panorama meta data. No expensive pixel-streaming, no server bottlenecks, low bandwidth requirement – allows many users
  • True 3D Panorama: High-resolution depth buffer for interactive 3D environments mixed with state-of-the-art photorealistic renders
  • Rapid high quality 3D rendering

Next-Generation Virtual Viewings

Our virtual viewings are presented using a custom built viewer with the visual quality, performance and accessibility of pre-rendered 360 images, but with features previously only available through costly real-time pixel-streaming solutions, like adaptive exposure (HDR), sun diagram, changing materials, interactive 3D objects and more.

This means you can view every apartment from any device for as long as you like without having to wait in a queue or worry about being kicked out of a session, resulting in a far better user experience at a much lower cost.

Mass Production Pipeline

Our vision is to bring the visuado buying experience to everyone, and an important part of this is to make sure this experience is available in every single apartment so you can be sure that no matter which apartment you are interested in, you will be able to explore it.

Since there’s no tools out there that does exactly this, we went ahead and pioneered our own custom made production pipeline along with a specialized editor and toolset that leverages AI, parametric assets, procedural generation and advanced scripting to automate everything that can possibly be automated. 

This has a huge impact on production efficiency and gives us the capacity to produce photorealistic virtual viewings at volumes that were previously impossible to achieve at a cost-efficient level.

Built to Scale

Our end goal is to make virtual viewings something that you can expect every newbuild to have, so our entire production pipeline and suite of tools has been designed to scale to an exponential demand.

Assets: Our asset library is built around the same 3D file format that industry leading furniture manufacturers like IKEA use for digitizing their products. This means we can use their assets out of the box, and we can expect external 3D-resources to be able to produce assets for us without onboarding.

Tools: We’ve built our editor in a modular way, with a powerful API that enables developers to extend the core functionality of the editor, without ever having to touch its main codebase. We’ve also built a powerful scripting system that enables 3D artists to use ChatGPT to automate specific tasks without involving developers, resulting in a rapidly evolving tool for automating our production.

Rendering: Our rendering-pipeline is fully automated and self-managed. Once a project is ready for rendering, the production team can send it off to rendering through a one-click operation, which will distribute the files to every available machine on the network, store the files on your desired location and upload it to the server ready for the client to review.

Accelerating Sales

Our case studies show that when potential buyers get to see and experience the properties they are interested in, the entire sales process becomes a lot more cost-effective. Property developers can use the virtual viewings to adjust each apartment’s price point before they hit the market, buyer uncertainty is eliminated, decisions are made quicker, brokers spend less time per potential buyer, and properties spend less time on the market