Øvre Kroken

Visuado successfully delivered the first phase of the Øvre Kroken project

We successfully delivered Soltunet, the first phase of the Øvre Kroken project. It’s been our absolute pleasure to work with the team at BoNord and all their partners.

Øvre Kroken is located just outside Tromsø and offers potential homeowners the city’s most beautiful view. Whether you want to live there with your family or planning to buy as an investment, you won’t regret your decision. Soltunet launched 43 apartments, each ready to find owners.

Øvre Kroken
Øvre Kroken Facade

Team Visuado put in a tremendous effort to create 3d virtual tours of 43 apartments and we are very pleased with the results. We used the latest technology for interior design and now potential homeowners could pick the style/look of their choice.

We appreciate the trust and confidence placed in us to deliver 3d virtual tours for the apartments, and we are very excited to be part of this fantastic project. Feel free to check the live virtual tours here.

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Kent Løset
Kent Løset

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