Ekelund Project

Visuado delivered the first project in Sweden

This week we successfully delivered our first project in Sweden – Ekelund, where we delivered the virtual tours of six hotel apartments with apartment chooser, as well as the high-resolution images used on the marketing website.

Ekelund Hotel is located in the southern part of the Koster Islands. Koster Islands is a popular travel destination for Norwegians and Swedes. As this is a car-free (basically) environment inside the National Park, much of the activities here are therefore nature related. There are several hiking trails, nice cycling roads, and maritime activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking.

“Visuado has exceeded our expectations in terms of the quality of the apartment tours. We believe that their solution is going to help the potential owner to fully visualize the apartment so they can make a smart decision”, said one of the real estate agents Robert Andersson from Mäklarhuset.

This is also the first project that we delivered in collaboration with a marketing agency Myrvold Marketing. Sebastian Myrvold, the owner of Myrvold Marketing, has a strong belief that the QiSpace virtual tours would give every property development project a competitive advantage when it comes to apartment sales, and it has been effortless to integrate QiSpace’s visualization in the project website they built. With this successful collaboration, we are confident to collaborate with even more marketing agencies in the property sector and introduce even more integrated solutions.

After receiving positive feedback from Swedish real estate agents and developers, we are planning to explore other regions of Sweden and provide the best customer experience for potential home buyers.

About Visuado

We are developing a next-gen immersive 3D visualization platform for newbuild properties. By enabling buyers to virtually walk around in any apartment in its own context (with a realistic view), the property developers and brokers can engage potential buyers with better communication, and the buyers can make smarter and safer decisions.

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Kent Løset

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