QiSpace Digital Media Kit

Our Vision

To create the most effective way to obtain and own new homes by imaging reality, virtually.

Our Mission

To forever improve the efficiency of the AEC industry in a sustainable way.

Our Values


We do cutting-edge stuff. We push the boundaries of technology. We strive for excellence.


We are the trusted advisors to the customers. We deliver quality work. The customers can always count on us. 


We are from everywhere, we have diversified skill-set, yet we work as a unified and supportive team. 

QiSpace Brand Identity

The word Qi, originated in ancient Chinese philosophy, means “vital energy”, “vital force”, or “energy flow”. Harmonious flow of Qi will grant all living existences the balance and pleasure.

Qi is pronounced like /chi/, same as the words ‘cheetah’ and ‘chili’.

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Byhagen Larsneset

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